Our Strategy

Our competitive advantage is our sector expertise, allowing us to spot early trends, build relationships with executives, and identify emerging talent.

Sectors we cover

Enterprise IT

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Digital Infrastructure

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A Typical Investment

Stage: All Growth Stages Investment Size: $15-$40mm Opportunity: >$200mm Enterprise Value at exit Geography: North America and Western Europe Sectors: Enterprise IT, Digital Infrastructure, and Mobility

Strategic Approach

Columbia’s primary investment strategy involves partnering with previously identified executives to build new, valuable companies around unique assets or growth trends, driven by innovation/disruption in Columbia’s Focus Areas. As Columbia professionals collect and synthesize market insight into an investment idea, the Firm usually spends three to twelve months alongside management teams creating a business plan that can build scale quickly, often augmented by acquisitions, and that Columbia believes can achieve market leadership. By the time these platforms have launched, the collective team will have evaluated dozens of assets, business models, and, in many cases, built a pipeline of commercial business or partnership opportunities for inorganic growth. This involvement continues after the initial investment as Columbia transitions its efforts to company building activities, such as M&A, executive recruiting, and strategic partnerships.

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Sectors Of Focus

Columbia Capital partners with entrepreneurs to build successful, high growth businesses by contributing equity capital and sector-specific expertise across all stages of development.

Enterprise IT

Business Services

The Business Services category includes portfolio companies with a professional or managed service revenue model. The rapid pace of change within the IT market where enterprise solutions are delivered “as a service” has made an ongoing partnership with a service organization attractive to customers.


The Software category includes portfolio companies with recurring revenue models and application or platform software solutions. Rapid market disruption enabled by technology innovation creates opportunities for new business ideas.

Digital Infrastructure

Data Centers

As businesses and consumers rapidly adopt cloud/hybrid computing, data center infrastructure has grown rapidly beyond expectations. That growth has a profound impact on the broader market and creates multiple investment opportunities.


All cloud and mobile traffic ultimately traverses a fiber network, due to the speed and volume the medium allows. Columbia has demonstrated the ability to drive strong returns by identifying and investing in unique fiber assets.

Wireless (DAS)

The explosion of mobile data usage combined with the increase  in devices is driving significant capital expenditures by mobile operators in infrastructure. This infrastructure will help solve both capacity and coverage issues.



The enormous growth in mobile data is highly linked to the available capacity at the access layer, or network edge. Spectrum is the most critical input for mobile operators to accommodate wireless data growth at the network edge.

Mobile Services

Beyond spectrum, the trends of near ubiquitous coverage and reductions in data costs have given way to innovative services businesses. These companies provide services and capabilities that are complementary to mobile operators.