Finance & Administration

To date, Columbia Capital has invested in over 150 companies, ranging from small, early-stage investments to multibillion-dollar public companies. Columbia Capital’s six partners have worked together, on average, for over a decade.

Our backgrounds all have a common theme – a focus on financing and building communications, media and technology companies. That’s what we’ve all been doing for the past two decades and where we continue to look for new opportunities.


Gina Barnedo
Office Manager

Gina joined the firm in 2000 as Office Manager.  Prior to joining Columbia Capital, Gina...

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Kim Basha
Accounting Manager

Kim joined the firm in 2012 as an Accounting Manager.  Prior to joining Columbia Capital,...

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Don Doering
Administrative Partner

Don joined Columbia in 1999 and is responsible for managing the firm’s operations. He has...

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Cheryl Ghadban
Tax Manager

Cheryl joined Columbia in 2007 as Tax Manager. Cheryl has more than 25 years of...

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Ben Lewis
Chief Financial Officer

Ben joined the firm in 2008 as Controller. Prior to joining Columbia Capital, Ben worked...

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Brayson Lewis
Fund Accountant

Brayson joined the firm in 2008 as a Staff Accountant. Brayson received his Bachelor of...

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Suzanne St. George
Administrative Assistant

Suzanne joined the firm in 2015 as Office Assistant. Prior to joining Columbia Capital, Suzanne...

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Pamela Zahn
Executive & Travel Assistant

Pam joined the firm in 2005. She received her Bachelors in Business from Endicott College and...

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